Sunday, October 9, 2016

FieldPost 1

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the younger students. Their desire to learn and enjoyment of being there was so refreshing compared to the high school I went to where it was a chore to go. I liked that the teachers were even happy and excited. I know I have had my share of teachers who weren’t 100% into their careers as they expect their students to be. This changed my perspective about elementary school teachers because each teacher truly cared what each student had to say. They wanted them to voice their opinions about emotion in English and in math he wanted to know how they got their answer. I really enjoyed my experience their but I think it’s something I would visit not do every day.

4th Grade English
lesson was about empathy and emotions

student who had Autism had an aid to provide help

had tables not desks

no air conditioning

student with Autism is Jewish

whole class uses had signals. For example the "surfer" hand signal means me too in their class

uses Edmodo as a reward system

teacher speaks equally to each student in the classroom

teacher encourages each student to speak loudly and confidently

two students were separated by themselves

one was working on another assignment

students respected and encouraged the student with Autism to participate in the class discussion

4th Grade Math
no air conditioning
there was a slower feeling compared to the other class
teacher had fans to circulate the air

teacher had a mini fridge

desks were arranged to form tables

each group had either three or four

students had cubbies for their supplies

uses the smart board

had board games related to math in the classroom

there was a sink station in the room

2 teachers

no air conditioning

a lot of toys

tables with tablets that the students could watch educational shows on
the tables seemed to be stations for the students to go to
one table was working on their colors correlated with their names
I think they did that because they know their names so it’s easier to learn the colors
the other table was counting dinosaurs

a lot of large post it notes with activities on them

everything in the room was the size of the students

another tables without a teacher they were making bracelets